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Studio Intelligence Ltd

Geeks at work

If you’re looking to work with a group of highly dedicated BI geeks, who are fast, effective, and know their stuff - then that’s our calling card.    

Having worked with Power BI and Microsoft BI technologies for many years, we really know our way around the Microsoft Stack - from Power BI, Embedded Power BI, SQL, Tabular, Advanced DAX, Excel and of course SharePoint & Azure, we are here to help you deliver a solution, using the most appropriate and cost effective approach possible.

Power BI @ Scale

Chances are you are already using Power BI, but perhaps you want help to scale it within your organization, link it in with some legacy systems, embed it in your website or customer portal, manipulate datasets into a more insightful structure.  We specialise in working with you to build these robust, live or close-to-live, online systems with an overall simple goal: wow your audience. 

Industry Knowledge

We have worked with clients in a variety of industries ranging from Financial Services, Technology, Banking, Insurance, Telecoms and Manufacturing.   And while our industry specific experience is beneficial, to be honest – our key skill set is all around understanding data in all its forms, and utilising our skills within the technology stack to deliver a beautiful user experience.  

UX - does it really matter?

Delivering a simple, functional, and most of all, a beautiful user experience - is our primary focus.    Why? - if a user lands on a dashboard where they can quickly get answers to their question, and can easily drill into an appropriately level of detailed granularity, all of which is as close to live as possible, they begin to rave about how the solution saves them time, saves them money, and gives them a significantly improvement in terms of data access.

We bring a UX focus to the visualization layer, but to achieve a truly beautiful result we are always focused on UX even at the data preparation and architecture layers.  Using the full power of the Microsoft BI Stack to help deliver a solution that users find enjoyable, intuitive and elegant.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you deliver a Power BI solution with a beautiful user experience.


想要成为 Power BI 合作伙伴?

认证合作伙伴是团队的重要组成部分! 挖据新的商机、建立人脉并与世界各地的 Power BI 用户分享公司的人才和经验。