Advaiya Solutions Inc. - Hotel Reviews Sentiment Analysis

This Hotel Review Sentiment analysis provides insights into customer reviews and feedback to find the best hotels for distinct locations. In this solution, customer sentiment analysis is done to provide meaningful insights to identify the hotels which provide the best experience for their customers.

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  • The first page displays customer reviews for different locations to provide an easy way to analyse the review type. The Donut chart and Pie chart displays the customer ratings and reviews and found out that around 65% of customer reviews are positive, with around 41% of customers giving the Hotels a 5-star rating for these locations. In the last visual, a toggle button with bookmarking features allows users to quickly change the visual by clicking on the toggle.  Reviews are displayed by location and by month. The page can be filtered by date and location.

  • Each page contains buttons for navigating to the previous and next pages, a RESET button is there to clear all the applied filters in the tab, and a Back button allows the users to go back to the original page after drilling through.

  • On the Customer Review Analysis, a Hierarchy Slicer allows users to filter and check the customer reviews for any location and hotel.  Data can be further filtered by customer sentiments, ratings and dates, and location. Average customer ratings display in a gauge visual, and a bar chart allows users to see the average rating score for all the hotels.  Conditional formatting allows the columnar view of the type of review.

  • The Word Cloud visual page provides a view of a colour coded clusters of positive and negative keywords.  Clicking on a word in the word cloud will filter all the reviews contain that word. The page can be filtered by location, date, and rating. 

  • The Ratings and Sentiments page provides the basis for finding Top Hotels. We have put a slicer that allows users to find up to Top 20 Hotels based on sentiments and customer ratings and can be filtered by location. 

  •  The final page shows the overall Summary of the report.  The Age Wise Distribution decomposition tree decomposes the overall sentiment score by gender, followed by age category and, finally the positive, negative, and neutral sentiment. The Key Influencer visual analyses the sentiment score by age category, average age, gender, review content, user location, and age hierarchy. The bar line chart plots the sentiment core and rating alongside each other for each quarter. The sentiment v/s rating chart uses a tornado chart for comparison between the two for each location. The last graph illustrates the sentiment score for each location using a map.

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