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The Call Centre Insights solution provides visibility to a wide range of insights to the performance of a typical call centre operation, by tracking dates times and durations of each step of the call journey the report user will better understand resource requirements in the future and be able to mitigate the risk of high volumes of dropped calls. The solution also provides an insight into performance at agent level enabling the business to identify where additional support may be required and also who may be able to share best practice.

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The Call Centre Performance solution offers a view of the following

View call volumes, both historic and forecast and understand the splits between call type call priority. Better understand where peak traffic is at day and intra day level. High level KPI values also provide a snapshot of key metric which can be explored within the report.

See information related to the time customers are waiting to have their calls answered, through analysis better understand the resource demands of your business and highlight any process issues as you assess performance across each telephone line being serviced.

Identify how the duration of your answered calls change over time,  through analysis of this data understand customer behaviour and the average amount of time a call is likely to take at any point in time

Identify the best performing call agents in each team through data, learning how these agents achieve these figures can improve overall performance of the department

Using machine learning distinguish the factors that explain an answer rate movement 

As a Microsoft Partner our consultants are well versed in the Microsoft Data Tools and can easily integrate Power BI with your existing systems to deliver enterprise analytics, helping you to unlock the true value of your business data.

We play to the strengths of our talented consultants, matching their skills and expertise as required to the different aspects involved with Power BI. Due to this approach of planning and landing resource as and when required, we are able to provide a flexible commercial approach that saves money Leading UK businesses trust us to help them to achieve new levels of efficiency with the Power BI platform

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