Porini Insight - PowerForecast

Power Forecast is an innovative Microsoft cloud based solution for demand planning, forecasting and replenishment for a digital supply chain 4.0. Power Forecast addresses several forecasting needs in a very effective way and it generates large quantities of forecasts with an easy to use output interface.

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Power Forecast is useful to model market demand and supply chain processes. It is powerful to obtain better accuracy forecasts, optimize stock levels and service level. The solution is well performing also when environment is heavily influenced by marketing initiatives. It is a tool that fits all kinds of enterprise size, providing users with the ability of navigating product and market data through different multilevel hierarchies: it produces truthfully forecasts and it works on both small and big data volumes, thanks to the cloud architecture.

Power Forecast core feature is an automated forecast algorithm selection and forecast self-adjustment. The best forecast method will be utilized without the need for human intervention.

Demand Intelligence & Analytics: Enable users to analyze historical time series. Demand Forecasting: Automatically generate accurate forecasts for improving Demand Planning & Budgeting processes. Collaborative Planning: Enable users to generate collaborative sales & operational plans.

Improve Forecast Accuracy
- Provides the ability to manage budgets and sales planning quickly and effectively basing on actual data;
- Allows to model new products based on the lifecycle of existing products.

Reduce loss of revenue from out of stock situations
- Reduce loss of revenue from out of stock situations;
- Supports the entire Merchandising team: Buyers, Planners, Retail Operations, Product Managers, Sourcing, Supply Chain and Finance;
- Provides the foundation for a responsive sales and operation planning process that enables the current and emerging best practices in adaptive demand-driven planning.

Supply chain inventory - Holding cost reduction
- Reinforces internal and external collaboration;
- Drives the total supply chain with common vision of the latest demand;
- New method to capture demand signal and its effect on supply chain;
- Uses data with high availability: source can be ERP system, Excel spreadsheets, etc.

Better resource planning and usage
- Improves ability to meet customer demand;
- Provides a comprehensive sales and account planning environment, it allows to manage sales forecasting from a single screen;
- Helps align strategy with execution;
- Supports Promotion and event intelligence.

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