SCIO Health Analytics - Pharmaceutical Territory Performance Overview

Analysis for a Pharmaceutical client of how one of their territories is performing for a fictitious brand using data from various different sources such as the supply chain, retail sales, sales targets and CRM.

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Territory Performance

The purpose of this dashboard is to allow a sales representative to analyse how their territory is performing in terms of sales, growth, sales versus target and calls they have made on their customers. They are able to see their own territory performance in isolation and also compared to the region that they sit in, as well as the overall national performance. Thus, allowing them to see if they need to focus their promotional activity in a particular area (call more target customers), when underperforming compared to the target set or compared to region/national performance. If they are ahead of target, they can also see where the sales are coming from and what additional promotional activity could help them to remain on track for maximum earnings.

In the upper left section you can see a table showing sales versus target, or “SvT”, for the latest month, along with the cycle-to-date and year-to-date SvT performance. In the rows above the territory’s SvT, you can see the figures for the region and also for national. The indicators next to each KPI help identify any problems at a glance.

Below the SvT section you can see a 12-month trend for units sold – blue columns – versus the corresponding month’s target – black line – for the product Trigen for the year 2016.

Underneath that, you can see the territory dynamics over the period of 12 months in terms of how the territory has been performing when looking at sales, previous year growth and market share with reference to regional average and national average.

Over on the right, in the upper section, you can see the sales representative’s activity for the year-to-date in terms of total calls made on target doctors, along with the coverage and frequency with which calls were delivered to those target doctors.

Beneath this we have the coverage of target doctors depicted graphically, and broken down by target type – Defend and Grow.

In the lower right section you can see a correlation between the calls made by the sales representative and the sales in the territory. It is noteworthy to point out that by combining the two data sources, we can analyse that following the dip in calls made in July, a drop in sales can be seen in August and September and this trend then goes back up again from October following an increase in calls from August.

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