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DataScenarios helps companies in realizing and solving their data scenario's. Every data scenario has its own unique solution which provides more insights.

A solid data scenario starts with a solid Azure Data Platform and in combination of Microsoft Power BI DataScenarios helps companies to gain the needed insights.

DataScenarios provides consultancy services in Microsoft Power BI, Azure Data Platform, Cortana Intelligence Suite and the
Microsoft Data Platform. We also provide in-person training/workshops related to Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Business Intelligence.

DataScenarios - Connection data to insights


想要成為 Power BI 合作夥伴嗎?

認證合作夥伴可說是團隊的重要一環! 挖掘最新商機、建立人脈,並與世界各地的 Power BI 使用者分享公司的人才與經驗。