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Netsurit (PTY) Ltd

The days of BI being something that was only available to larger corporations is over. Recent advances in cloud computing and analytic software have removed any real “capital” barriers to obtaining actionable BI. The opportunity of BI is obvious. The part that remains elusive is knowing where to look. It’s a true “needle in a haystack” problem. BI gives you access to real-time information to drive the core decisions that drive your business. This clarity leads to better strategic planning, more effective budgeting and to reduce exposure to risk. 


We have the expertise to pull out the actionable insights that will give your organization a competitive advantage.


While you can never be completely sure of an outcome, BI reduces a lot of the guessing and “gut feelings” that are often used in running a business. An engagement with our BI team will give you instant access to the key performance indicators that mean the most to your business.

  1. Boost productivity with BI: What if your key analyst didn’t have to spend the last week of each month gathering and compiling data for monthly reporting? Automation of your business reporting processes gives your significant employees new time they can devote to strategic thinking based on BI reporting.
  2. Give customers what they need before they know they need it: Use BI to refine and customize cross-selling opportunities that your clients will love because they are designed for their needs.
  3. Capitalize on social media data: BI is the perfect filter to cut through the online noise, find out who is talking about you, and help you craft the right message.
  4. Uncover savings opportunities: Use BI to find the little adjustments to your current business processes that will add up to big savings. 
  • The bottom line? Any organization in business today needs to have a business intelligence strategy. Contact the team at Netsurit and let’s see how we can help you.

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