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Announcing Refresh Summary for Premium Capacity Admins

Headshot of article author David Magar

We are excited to announce a new and simple way to monitor and ensure the successful execution of scheduled refreshes on Power BI Premium capacities!

The Refresh Summary page in the Admin Portal is where capacity admins get an overview of all scheduled refreshes activity on their premium capacity. The page is powered by a New REST API for refresh monitoring that can be extended using  existing automation tools .

Through the Refresh Summaries page, capacity admins have visibility into:

  • Scheduled refresh activity status for the past  7 days including error messages (in the “History View”)
  • “Hot-spot” times in the week when too many refreshes are scheduled (in the “Schedule View”).
  • Who are the users configuring scheduled refreshes, so that they can contact them and request changes to schedule if needed.
  • Various scheduled refresh statistics for all configured scheduled refreshes (like average duration based on past 60 executions, number of refreshes per day and more)   

Learn more about the Refresh Summary page and how to use it to ensure successful scheduled refresh execution in the Power BI Docs.

The refresh summary page is powered by the latest addition to Power BI REST APIs: the “Refreshables” REST API .
This API allows full scripting and automation against scheduled refreshes metadata. You can use Power Automate with it to take automatic action based on scheduled-refresh-related triggers, like automatically sending email notifications to admins when refreshes fail or take too long to complete.

The API exposes 3 different calls and is available for tenant admins and capacity admins:

In this initial preview release, we included scheduled refreshes of Power BI datasets in the Refresh Summaries view and in the “Refreshables” API.
In future releases, we will consider adding scheduled dataflow refreshes as well as other scheduled operations like scheduled subscriptions of paginated reports and others.