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New developer samples for Power BI embedded analytics

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We’re excited to announce new developer samples for Power BI embedded analytics. These new samples should help developers get up and running quickly in a variety of programing languages and frameworks, and provide examples of REST APIs calls from different programing languages.

We have in total six new samples, including two new updates for existing samples. The new samples cover .NET Core embedding for your customers (aka App owns data) and embedding for your organization (aka User owns data), embedding for customers in Java, Python and Node.js, and embedding for your organization in a single page app. For a full list of samples and updates, check out the table at the end of this post.

.NET Core new embed for your customers sample
.NET Core new embed for your customers sample


For the .NET Core embedding for your organization (aka User owns data) sample, we created a whole new experience.
After redirecting and signing in, users will be able to choose the artifact type they’d like to embed, the workspace and the artifact itself. The sample supports report, dashboard and dashboard tile embedding.

.NET Core new embed for your organization sample
.NET Core new embed for your organization sample


All of our PowerShell sample scripts for using Power BI REST APIs are now in the same repository so you can browse all the samples easily in one place.

In addition, our existing samples have been updated to use current Power BI embedded best practices and the latest libraries including Power BI APIs .NET SDK v3. Instead of using ADAL, our .NET framework, .NET Core, Java and Python samples are now using the latest Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL).

As always, remember that for security reasons in a real-world application the password or secret should not be saved as plain text. Instead, consider securing credentials with an application such as Key Vault.


You can find all the samples in our GitHub repository, Power BI Developer Samples.

Samples overview

Embed for your customers – aka App Owns Data

  • .NET Framework (MVC)
  • .NET Core (MVC)
  • Python (Flask)
  • Java (Spring MVC)
  • Node JS (Express)

Embed for your organization – aka User Owns Data

  • .NET Framework (Web Pages)
  • .NET Core (MVC)
  • React TypeScript (Single page application)



Have a question? Try to search for an answer on Stack Overflow, feel free to open a new question with ‘powerbi-embedded’ tag.

That’s all for this post. We hope you find it useful. Please continue sending us your feedback – it’s very important for us! Have an amazing feature in mind? Please share it or vote in our Power BI Embedded Analytics Ideas forum.