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Power Map July Update

Headshot of article author The Power BI Team

Last month in the June update we focused on quality improvements for Power Map, including enhanced interaction with maps on touch devices. The touch experience should feel smoother, more fluid, and more predictable. Using your feedback, we also improved stability. Thank you for sending in your error reports! 

This month in the July update we’re adding a new feature called “Automatic Refresh.” This feature makes the Repeat Tour feature we added back in May even better. During tour playback, Automatic Refresh will pull in the latest updates to your data every 10 minutes. When used together, Repeat Tour and Automatic Refresh let you use Power Map to monitor events in near real time. We’re very excited about the new opportunities this opens up, and we hope you are too.

To enable Automatic Refresh, make sure Repeat Tour is turned on:

Then press the “…” button when you’re playing your tour to bring up the new tour options menu:

From the menu click the Automatic Refresh option to toggle it on:


If you find these features useful, please “Send a Smile” in the app and let us know how you’re using them. We hope you enjoy using Power Map. Big things are coming soon, so stay tuned for our monthly updates.