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Domain Placement w/ Office 365

NOTE: This information good as of 7/7/2015 and is subject to change You can have multiple domains tied to your Office 365 Tenant. Also, you may have a domain that you own that isn’t a part of your tenant. When you sign up for something that makes uses…

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Oops error when refreshing a dataset

Within Power BI, you have the option of either setting up a Scheduled Data Refresh, or doing a Refresh Now. Refresh Now is considered on demand. When performing a refresh, you may encounter one of the following errors. Both of these messages do indicate…

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Power BI Admin Center Requirements

NOTE: This information is good as of 5/25/2015 and is subject to change! We will continue to see issues relating to getting into the Power BI Admin Center. I’ve covered some of the issues we see that relate to this. Not Authorized to access Power BI Admin…

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