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Power BI Dashboard in a Day and Dashboard in an Hour training near you

Headshot of article author Charles Sterling

One of the top questions we hear during the weekly webinars is:  

“Where can I find Power BI training?”

In addition to all custom training by the Power BI Partners, the development team works on three training courses that we update regularly: 

  1. Product-based Guided Learning 
  2. Visualizing Data EDX Course 
  3. Instructor-led Dashboard in a Day (DIAD) and Dashboard in an Hour Training (DIAH)

Dashboard in a Day and Dashboard in an Hour are training plans that we update monthly with the latest features, and make available for Usergroups, MVPs, and of course our Power BI partners to offer their customers.

Over the next two months you can find this content at cities across the U.S., and many of these events are even free! Check out a training session near you:

Seattle Dashboard in an Hour – Sept 21
Chicago Dashboard in a Day – Sept 21
Portland Dashboard in an Hour – September 29
Minneapolis Dashboard in Day – September 29
Boston Dashboard in a Day – October 5
Kansas City Dashboard in a Day – October 12 (sponsored by Power BI Partner Oakwood Systems)
Milwaukee Dashboard in a Day – October 12
Atlanta Dashboard in a Day – October 19
Chicago Dashboard in a Day – November 9th


Dashboard In An Hour outline: 


  • Power BI Desktop – Get Data
  • Power BI Desktop – Manage Relationship
  • Power BI Desktop – Create Report
  • Power BI service – Import Report
  • Power BI service – Create Dashboard
  • Power BI service – Power Q&A
  • Power BI serivce – Share Dashboard


Dashboard In An Day outline


  • Power BI Desktop
  • Importing Data
  • Transforming your Data
  • Interactive Data Exploration
  • Power BI Service – Creating Dashboard and uploading your Report
  • Power BI Service – Operational Dashboard and Sharing
  • Power BI Service – Refreshing data on the Dashboard
  • Distributing content to larger audiences for them to customize
  • View and manage your Excel reports in Power BI
  • Collaboration via Office 365 Groups