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Insights made easy with Power BI Template Apps

Data is most valuable when it leads to informed action. Making it easier for people to get actionable insights is what Power BI is all about. Now, with Power BI Template Apps, users can immediately begin exploring, learning, and taking action on key data with off-the-shelf apps. Template Apps are integrated packages of pre-built Power … Continue reading “Insights made easy with Power BI Template Apps”

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Power BI Embedded capacity-based SKUs coming to Azure

Power BI Embedded is intended to simplify how ISVs and developers use Power BI capabilities, helping them quickly add stunning visuals, reports and dashboards into their apps – in the same way apps built on Azure leverage services like Machine Learning and IoT. By enabling easy-to-navigate data exploration in their apps, ISVs allow their customers to make quick, informed decisions in context.

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Power BI Developer community August update

We’ve decided to start posting regularly to our dedicated community of developers in a monthly post. We’ll gather all the news, tips and tricks, canonical scenarios, and best practices for developers who are integrating, enhancing, or embedding Power BI. We’d love to hear back from you to make sure we’re providing you the most relevant info we can. Now let’s look at the summer updates for Power BI Embedded and custom visual development!

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