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Insights made easy with Power BI Template Apps

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Data is most valuable when it leads to informed action. Making it easier for people to get actionable insights is what Power BI is all about. Now, with Power BI Template Apps, users can immediately begin exploring, learning, and taking action on key data with off-the-shelf apps.

Template Apps are integrated packages of pre-built Power BI dashboards and reports, configured to connect to specific data sources. With them, Microsoft partners can quickly access analytics for the apps and services they provide. Partners can also manage the Template Apps development lifecycle, from dev to marketplace to updates.

Microsoft customers benefit from Template Apps the most, because they empower employees to get to the information they need faster. In an era when time-to-insight is a key business metric, Template Apps can help your business accelerate results.

Microsoft customers: download it right at our store

Finding and installing Template Apps is easy on Microsoft AppSource. Template Apps are installed in Power BI and can be made available to end users based on criteria set by administrators, who have complete control over installation and access.

Template Apps deliver the most important key performance indicators from your company’s data. For example, you can monitor sales metrics in Salesforce, analyze usage and adoption trends for Office 365, or dig into email engagement in Marketo. All you have to do is point the Template App at that data and start exploring.

Installing a Template App creates a workspace that can be customized and published to the rest of the organization just like any other Power BI content. It’s a powerful, flexible solution that helps you maximize the value from your data.

Microsoft partners: improve customer experience with insights

If you’re a software vendor or a system integrator, you can build Template Apps to help your customers get more value from your products and solutions. Microsoft provides tools for managing the complete app lifecycle, enabling you to:

  • Test internally in your own development workspace, promote the app to pre-production to test with external customers, and submit it to AppSource for validation. Packaging dashboards and reports for your products and solutions in one bundle is easy to do right from Power BI.
  • Enable customers to connect to app data and metadata and connect to third-party data sources for an even richer experience.
  • Publish and market your app on AppSource using the Cloud Partner Portal, with complete control over who can access your code and export data.

Ready for what’s next

Whether you’re a Power BI user or a Microsoft Partner, Template Apps make it easier and faster to deliver the business intelligence organizations need to succeed more quickly. Developers can easily keep Template Apps up to date, ensuring customers always have the latest functionality. Users get both time-saving off-the-shelf options and the ability to customize as needed.

Partners: Want to get started? Register in the Cloud Partner Portal today. If you have existing Content Packs, you’ll want to migrate them to the Template Apps framework in the next few months.

Users and companies: Find out more about what Template Apps can do.