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Accelerate your migration experience from Azure Analysis Services to Power BI Premium with the automated migration tool

Headshot of article author Ogbemi Ekwejunor-Etchie

Over the last few years, we have been dedicated to our vision of Power BI Premium as a superset of Azure Analysis Services (AAS), bringing together the industry leading self-service capabilities of Power BI and the deep enterprise semantic modeling features of Azure Analysis Services (AAS) onto a single platform—Power BI Premium (PBIP). We’ve made significant strides to make this vision a reality; enabling parity features that provide enterprise modeling capabilities, performance improvements for blazing fast user interactivity, and the distributed architecture of Power BI Premium Gen 2, just to name a few capabilities. Together, migration to Power BI Premium has become an attractive value proposition for our customers. New customers can easily leverage the value of Power BI Premium from day one, however, we understand existing AAS customers may have some difficulty migrating. Although we have seen organic migration from AAS to Power BI Premium, some customers have expressed difficulty in completing a successful migration due to manual intervention. Today, we are excited to share that the public preview of the automated tool is now available for our customers! In the coming days we’ll also release the Roadmap for Semantic Models: from Azure Analysis Services to Power BI Premium webinar to dive into more details.

The Azure Analysis Services (AAS) to Power BI Premium (PBIP) migration tool is an easy-to-use migration solution to enable the migration of models from AAS servers to workspaces in Power BI Premium. Customers can now migrate datasets at a click of a button, as well as utilize server redirection capabilities to automatically redirect client-tool connections from an existing AAS server to a dataset residing in Power BI Premium. This creates a seamless migration experience that minimizes impact to downstream users, reports, and automation processes, allowing customers to leverage the full capability suite of Power BI. At this time, the tool is in public preview, we will include Power BI report rebind at a later date.

The AAS migration tool supports migration from Azure Analysis Services to Power BI Premium, Power BI Embedded, and Power BI Premium Per User workspaces. To learn more about this tool, check out our documentation. Also be sure to review the migration guide and migration scenarios for more information on the benefits of the Premium roadmap. While there aren’t plans to deprecate AAS, it’s clear the value of Power BI Premium’s Gen 2 distributed architecture, simplified discovery and management of datasets, as well as a host of additional features and workloads only available in Premium has generated increased demand for migration. With this, we are excited to provide this opportunity to consolidate your datasets on Power BI Premium.

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