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Announcing email notifications for non-owners of dataflows

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Power BI dataflows enable you to connect to, transform, combine, and distribute data for downstream analytics.

To understand run times, performance, and whether you’re getting the most out of your dataflow, many customers rely on refresh notifications to inform them if something goes wrong.

As you know, we have been gradually addressing concerns from customers around limitations related to ownership in Dataflows being restricted to one user only. Two major complaints that we had heard very frequently from Dataflow consumers were around:

  1. Inability to view tables and columns by non-owners
  2. Inability to get failure notifications by non-owners

In April, we shipped non-owner table view (previously known as entity view) allowing customers to see tables within the dataflow and also the columns (previously known as fields) within them.

Today, as part of our commitment to improving the way developers and teams work together with dataflows – we’re announcing the availability of email notifications to non-owners in your organization.




Using the enhanced functionality is easy and there’s no opt in required. Just add new contacts to the list and they’ll be notified via email if any issues arise:


What’s Next


One of the themes this year for us – in addition to ongoing performance and reliability improvements – is unlocking collaboration scenarios holistically. Up next we’re planning to release the ability for multiple contributors to edit dataflows. This – combined with the non-owner view, and email notifications to non-owners – will enable your teams to develop and manage dataflows more collaboratively. Further, combined with deployment pipelines support – in preview/ coming soon – we’re excited to enable your data teams to be more productive with dataflows.

Outside of the collaboration features, we’re making progress on background validation. We know this is a pain point for you, and we’re closer towards shipping this experience.

Lastly, keep an eye out on the Dataflows connector – we’re planning some experience and performance improvements for Desktop, first DQ connectivity and second, an enhanced, unified connector across the Power Platform that also supports query folding and we’ll blog about this when it’s available.