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Built-in AI in Power BI, New Teams App, and Real-time Big Data with Hybrid Tables

Headshot of article author Jeroen ter Heerdt

Integrate Power BI Premium Gen2 inherently with Microsoft’s collaboration analytics stack — including the new Power BI app for Microsoft Teams that makes it easier to access, share, and act on insights as you work, the latest AI-driven visualization capabilities with Smart Narratives and achieving near real-time analytics over your enterprise data using Hybrid Tables in Power BI Premium Gen2. Vanessa Fournier, Microsoft Power BI Director, joins Jeremy Chapman to share how Power BI makes it accessible for everyone to use, from novice to data scientist.

Power BI is the single canvas for business insights, powerful visualizations, and AI-driven analytics with hundreds of interactive visualizations at your disposal to build reports and dashboards. And together with Azure Synapse Analytics, it works across all of your data sources, wherever they sit and no matter the size. Within the new Microsoft Teams Power BI app, you can quickly discover and cascade actionable insights, collaborate with others, and make faster, more personal informed decisions.
Updates include:
– Microsoft Teams app integration
– Goals functionality
– Smart Narratives
– Hybrid Tables
Power BI continues to bridge the gap between data and decisions and drive innovation.
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