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Chart sharing from organizational apps. Also supported in PowerPoint integration.

Headshot of article author Maya Shenhav

We are happy to announce that users can share charts from organizational apps. This new addition gives individuals, teams, and organizations more options to infuse their data and insights in their day-to-day work.

When we GA’ed Power BI integration with PowerPoint, you told us that you need to share org apps charts with others and, more specifically, that you need to be able to embed those charts in your business PowerPoint presentations. Starting today, you can achieve that! We have expanded the share visual links also to org apps charts, so you can get a link and use it with the Power BI add-in to enhance your presentation with data and insights from org apps.

New share chart options for visuals in org apps


When you right-click a visual in an organizational app (or use the “…” from the visual’s header), you’ll see new options under the Share menu item: “Link to this visual” and to “Open in PowerPoint”. Similar to sharing a chart from a report in a workspace, both options will generate a link for you that you can use in the Power Bi add-in in your presentation.

You then paste this link in Power BI add-in inside your presentation to enhance your slide with that chart.

All existing features, such as smart insights, filters, up-to-date data, are also available for the chart.

This feature is a great addition to Power BI, and we are excited to see how it will be used to improve your business presentations.

We are rolling out these changes incrementally, so it may take a few weeks before they are available to all users. Keep an eye out for the new sharing options in your organizational apps and start enhancing your presentations with data and insights from Power BI org apps.