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Copilot in Power BI (preview) is available worldwide

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During November 2023, we unveiled the public preview of Copilot in Microsoft Fabric. This preview includes Copilot for Power BI, Data Factory and Data Science & Data Engineering. Since then, we have been gradually rolling this feature out and today, we are excited to announce that our Copilot preview is now available to all customers with Premium/Fabric capacity

Getting started with copilot

With our current preview, users can create reports faster and easier in the Power BI web experience. Based on a high-level prompt, Copilot for Power BI in Fabric creates an entire report page for you by identifying the tables, fields, measures, and charts that would help you get started. You can then customize the page using our existing editing experiences. Copilot can also help you understand your semantic model and even suggest topics for your report pages. It’s a fast and easy way to get started with a report, especially if you’re less familiar with report creation in Power BI.

The image is a Graphics Interchange Format showing a user clicking the "Suggest content for the reader" Copilot button and then showing the report that Copilot has created

In addition to report creation, we’re excited to bring the Copilot’s unique ability to summarize data to the Smart Narrative visual, now rebranded as the Narrative with Copilot visual. This visual summarizes the data and insights on the page, across your report, or even for your own template if you need to define a specific summary. However you choose to use it, the Narrative with Copilot visual accelerates how you communicate insights about the data that matters most. The visual is available in the Power BI service and in Power BI Desktop.

The image is a Graphics Interchange Format showing a user creating a Copilot-powered narrative summary of their Power BI report. The user asks for a 5-bullet summary of the top insights and then Copilot then summarizes the narrative as a visual in the report.

How to enable Copilot for your organization

Before you can use Copilot capabilities in Power BI, your administrator needs to enable Copilot in Microsoft Fabric. This can be done with a new tenant setting group, “Copilot and Azure OpenAI Service (preview)”, in the admin portal.

Since December 2023, we shipped a new feature that allows tenant admins to enable AI and Copilot in Power BI for specific security groups in addition to the entire organization. This means that Copilot can now be tailored to the needs of different groups within your organization. More granular AI and Copilot setting on Capacity level is coming.

Fabric Copilot is powered by Azure Open AI large language models and are currently deployed to limited data centers. As of January 2024, if your data is located outside of the US or France, the Copilot preview will be disabled by default unless your Tenant administrator enables the “Data sent to Azure OpenAI can be processed outside your tenant’s geographic region, compliance boundary, or national cloud instance” tenant setting. To learn how to get to the tenant settings, see About tenant settings.

We look forward to your feedback about Copilot in Power BI! 

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