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Even more Multitasking improvements for Power BI in Microsoft Teams

Headshot of article author Lukasz Pawlowski

Earlier this year, we launched the first set of multi-tasking improvements for the Power BI app in Microsoft for Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and Office. Now we’re rolling out two exciting new multi-tasking updates. Let’s see how the changes help you get more done.

Caching the Power BI app helps you multi-task faster

Often users in Teams need to quickly navigate way and back again to Power BI. It’s because quickly checking or reacting to a chat is so natural. The new caching experience makes these quick transitions faster. It works when you navigate back to Power BI within 60 seconds of navigating away. See below for a side-by-side experience. The left side shows the experience without caching and the right side shows the improved performance with caching.

Animated GIF showing the Power BI app in Teams open performance without caching and with caching.

Helping you pick up where you left off

When working in Microsoft Teams it’s common to receive a chat that interrupts your work, and it takes a few minutes to respond. But you still need to come back and complete your original task.

Earlier this year we rolled the ability to automatically take you back to where you left off in the Power BI app. Now, we’re expanding take you back to the Power BI tab as well. It works for interactive reports and apps you embed in the Teams tab. It shines when you embed an entire Power BI organizational app in your tab. Take you back works for 1 hour from the time you navigate away from the Power BI tab.

Animated GIF showing the take you back experience in a Power BI tab. It takes the user back to the same item and page of the report the user was using when they left the app and return within 1 hour.


We appreciate all your feedback

We know multitasking in Microsoft Teams is a major area and we’ve now released many changes. We really appreciate any more feedback on how to make the in Teams experiences better. Send your ideas through or leave a comment on the blog below.