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Lingaro Sp. z o.o.

Who we are and what we do?

Lingaro is a professional services company with 850+ experts including 150 Power BI Consultants and 80+ Certified Consultants. With over 10+ years of data analytics experience, we are an award-winning Microsoft Gold Partner. Via our global teams we deliver:

Power BI Adoption

  • Self-Service BI adoption strategy
  • Power BI educational programs
  • Power BI Reporting Factory

Power BI Excellence

  • Outstanding dashboards with custom visuals
  • Powerful analytics for sales, marketing, and procurement teams
  • UX storytelling and brand book refinement

Why work with us?

We deliver rapid time to value through an agile approach

  • 10,000+ independent Analysts thanks to our focus on data literacy
  • We deliver 100 dashboards in less than 2 months

We focus on customer value

  • $2.6M in yearly savings for a Fortune 500 company with intuitive and interactive dashboards
  • Business insight generation opening $3.5M business opportunities in just 1.5 years due to improved usage of data

Global experience

  • 450 Power BI projects delivered
  • 200+ training delivered
  • 90+ Lingaro Power BI Ambassadors
  • 30+ “Dashboard in a Day” training
  • 18,000 active users

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