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REMINDER: Announcing the retirement of data support for Streaming Dataflows

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Streaming dataflows allows authors to connect to, ingest, mash up, model, and build reports based on streaming, near real-time data directly in the Power BI service. Azure Stream Analytics No-code editor has now merged with Streaming dataflows to provide you all with an even greater experience.

As communicated in February 2023 all support of Streaming Dataflows and the data retained from the experience is being retired. In March 2023 we retired the support of: 

While the above capabilities were retired, we retained all relevant customer data for 90 days to ensure that all users of Streaming Dataflows had a smooth transition to Azure Stream Analytics (ASA). Now, support for you to have access to your data from the Streaming Dataflows experience will no longer exist. 


When will this happen? 

Access to your retained data from the Streaming Dataflows experience will no longer exist starting mid-June 2023. 


How this will affect your organization: 

With the retirement of all Streaming Dataflows capabilities and support, you will no longer have access to any data retained from the experience in the future. 


What you need to do to prepare: 

As the retirement of support of data retained from the Streaming Dataflow experience is quickly approaching, please take note or retrieve any data that you may need as access to your retained data will no longer exist starting mid-June 2023. 

Though Streaming Dataflows is being retired, you can now migrate to this richer experience Azure Stream Analytics No-code editor. 

Here is a quick guide on how to get startedBuild real time Power BI dashboards with Stream Analytics no code editor. 


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