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Iteration Insights

Iteration Insights is a tech-enabled Data Analytics Solution consulting organization.


Our mission is to empower people with data. We accomplish this by streamlining your organization's people, processes, data, and technology, enabling the discovery and utilization of critical insights from their data to make better-informed decisions. We also support individuals and teams through learning and development to improve their data literacy and the utilization of technology needed to stay up to date with analytics.


Our Gallery of Services Include: 

Data Strategy & Governance Advisory 

  • We partner with you to evaluate your business with a framework that looks at your people, processes, technology, and data. Together, this creates a strategic roadmap that illuminates the path to your organization's goal of becoming a data-informed company.


Power BI Governance & Deployment

  • Is your organization governing your Power BI Tenant? With our Power BI Governance & Deployment offering, our Power BI experts will assess your tenant for potential risks and teach you the best practices with Licensing, Workspace Management and more. Additionally, this offer includes implementing and managing a Power BI Center of Excellence in your organization.


Data Analytics Solution Delivery 

We offer first-class service while utilizing industry-leading technology and tools to implement the following solutions.

  • Azure Modern Data Warehouse: With Solution Delivery, Iteration Insights architects the perfect analytics solution for your needs. Our consultants utilize Azure to develop a Modern Data Warehouse with the appropriate architecture for your data and ensure a sustainable model. 
  • Power BI Report & Dashboard Delivery: To leverage the information from your systems, we design Power BI reporting solutions that drive clarity into what happened or what will happen to give your business data-informed confidence. We ensure these solutions are easily shareable through the Power BI Service and integrate seamlessly into your everyday workflow.


Power BI Training 

  • Through in-class development or on-site support, we offer introductory and intermediate private and public training opportunities to help individuals or an entire team serve themselves with Power BI.


Data Analytics Support

  • Is your data team needing the expertise to support a data-informed culture? With our Analytics Support offering, Iteration Insights will provide dedicated time and access to our team of Data Engineers and Data Analysts to optimize your organization's analytical environment. 

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