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iqbs Solutions B.V.

iqbs Solutions is a 100% Microsoft oriented company with BI solutions based on Power BI and SQL Server.

Delivering standard Power BI reports for all of your ERP, CRM and other applications, iqbs delivers steering information on all levels. Whether you are a CEO, manager or other employee, iqbs gives you the report that will fulfil your needs.

Our standard reports are made for finance, sales, marketing and operational use. And when a standard report doesn't fit your needs we will create a report that does!

When going the extra mile, and you have the need for a data warehouse solution, iqbs delivers a iqbs BI framework on SQL Server. This framework grants you several upgrades to Power BI directly connected to your application. Placing the iqbs framework in the middle you gain central control of security and roll based access, get to grow historical data for trend analysis and no longer impact the performance of your application when extracting your data.

iqbs delivers a solution to every BI need! Please contact us for more information on what we can do for you.


We have been contributing to the success of our customers for over 18 years.


Thanks to a combination of our standard framework and sample reports, we are able to implement at unprecedented speeds.


We always use the power of simplicity in our solutions to complex problems.


We communicate with clients and employees in an open and transparent manner.


We see innovation as a means, not as a goal.


Our approach is results-oriented, with one goal in mind: completing a project on time and within budget.

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