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Re: Dax on last n days

Measure = calculate(TOPN(, , , [[, , []]…]),table[date]

Re: How to calculate the Outstanding trend provided we have Created vs Resolved data

HI @sarogyaswamy, According to your description, it seems like a common multiple date field analyst requirement. You can take a look at the following blog start date, end date parts if helps: ...

Re: Total y subtotal personalizados

@MikeRu ¿Puede compartir datos de muestra y salida de muestra en formato de tabla? O un pbix de muestra después de eliminar datos confidenciales.

Re: Dax Measure

HI @NishPatel, You can try to use the following measure formula if it suitable for your requirement: VarianceMeasure = VAR currDate = MAX ( DebitTable[Date] ) RETURN IF ( [Cr...

Discuss ways to improve the design and usability of your dashboard

Discuss ways to improve the design and usability of your dashboard

Re: cómo llevar una medida de una tabla a otra tabla

@Greg_Deckler , Puede consultar la fórmula de la medida [MR/365] Gracias.

Agregar columna de duración a la columna startdatetime para dar una fecha de finalización

Hola a todos He probado una serie de sugerencias diferentes en power query usando la columna de duración y la columna sec. Ninguno de los dos parece funcionar. obtuve el...

Re: Graph : Selection with Table

Hi, @Chandrashekar    Can you picture the output you expect?   Best Regards, Community Support Team _Charlotte

Re: Calculate distinctcount for ID within quarter based on last month range in quarter

Hi, Show the expected result very clearly in a Table format.

Re: Slicer management

@LP280388 @djurecicK2  I am unable to understand how can a seperate Date table help me here? Are you talking about a delinked seperate table which will not get impacted by any value selecti...

Re: ID de Salesforce como enlace

¡Maravilloso! Muy contento de ayudar.

Re: Promedio de asistencias

I created a column for the field day using: Day = format(Date, "dddd")   I tried with  count(Date[Day])   But it gives me the total amount of rows that I have, so when I divide t...

Re: Create new table applying cartesian logic

@jeronimo2334 Can the results only be pass or fail?   Please accept the solution when done and consider giving a thumbs up if posts are helpful.   Contact me ...


Hola Quiero calcular un % acumulado mediante una fórmula DAX (consulte **bleep**%) ¿Cómo? COMPRAS de clientes % **bleep**% XX 100 10% 10% YY 20 2% 12% AA 300 30% 42% MES 240 24% 66% FF 340 3...

Re: Differentiated filter in several tables

Then please mark the answer as the solution and give kudos if suitable   Please accept the solution when done and consider giving a thumbs up if posts are helpful.   ...

Re: Help with Web Query!

Hi @HCC1 ,   I tried to find a way to change the row display settings in URL itself, but did not manage to do so...   Other people tried to use an API: Bringing in api d...

Re: No se puede calcular la suma/recuento - Control deslizante de fecha

La misma tabla, no se utiliza ninguna tabla de calendario

Re: Help with Web Query!

There is no need to screen scrape.  They provide a data API  Getting Started : U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ( as well as prepackaged data files QCEW Data Files : U.S....

Re: Amount of refuel in trip Correct calculation

@DimaMD  Hello friend! Hope this is what you're looking for

Re: World Population Prospects 2022

Hi, this dashboard is amazing. Can you send me pbix?I'd apperciate it.  

Re: Mismos horarios de acceso a la tarjeta en diferentes fechas

HOLA Sturlaws, ¡Auge! Funcionó muy bien. Puede que no tenga palabras para expresar el nivel de agradecimiento a usted por su ayuda; Sin embargo, te estoy agradecido un millón de veces. Estuve atra...

Re: Calcular suma quitando valores duplicados

@Gaspar89  And similarly for [Total expt]:   Total expt = VAR relevant_ = { 227, 922, 976, 980 } VAR auxT_ = ADDCOLUMNS ( SUMMARIZE ( FILTER ( Table1, Table1[...