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The general availability of Copilot for Power BI is rolling out starting today

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Last week we announced that Copilot in Microsoft Fabric in the Power BI experience would be generally available in the coming weeks.  We are thrilled to announce that starting today the general availability of Copilot for the Power BI workload is rolling out into production. These capabilities will be available to all customers with Power BI Premium capacity (P1 or higher) or Fabric capacity (F64 or higher). 

What’s Generally Available in Power BI today 

Create stunning Power BI report pages with Copilot

The ability to use simple conversational language to create stunning Power BI report pages is now generally available. You can provide a high-level prompt and Copilot will create an entire report page for you.  

Once you’ve entered the Copilot pane in edit mode, you can ask Copilot to take actions such as “create a page to help me analyze sales” or “help me build a report page to understand customer demographics.” Copilot will take your prompt and create a report page by identifying the tables, fields, measures, and charts pertaining to your prompt. The most relevant visuals that best highlight insights in your data will be added to the pages.  

Screenshot of the Copilot pane and a Copilot created page in Power BI

If you’re not sure what to put on your report page, select the ‘suggest topics’ button. Copilot will analyze your semantic model and offer you helpful topics that you can use to create your report.

Screenshot of the Copilot pane in Power BI using the Suggest topics feature

If you aren’t familiar with your data, you can also ask Copilot to summarize your semantic model. Copilot will then review your data and provide a high-level overview of your semantic model.

Head over to our docs to learn more about creating reports with Copilot.

Summarize and answer questions about the data visualized across the page or entire report

The ability for Copilot to summarize your questions about the data on your report page was previously in preview—and is now generally available! We’ve also expanded the capability to support Copilot answering questions across all report pages as part of this release.

From the Copilot pane, in either view or edit mode, you can ask Copilot questions about the visuals on your page or report or ask for a comprehensive summary. You can ask general questions like “give me a summary with bulleted insights for this page” or focus on more targeted questions such as “which team had the highest sales?” or “what are some factors behind the major increase in accessories sales?”

Summarize semantic model image in Power BI Copilot
Screenshot of a Copilot generated summary of a monitoring Power BI report.

Head over to our docs to learn more about summarizing a report page in the Copilot pane.

What’s in preview in Power BI today 

Get answers from Copilot about your data

We are excited to share that you can now get answers from Copilot about the underlying data in your semantic model. This feature is available in preview in both edit and view modes in the Power BI service.

Using Copilot to explore your data will help unlock new insights. You can ask questions such as “what are my top categories by a certain metric?” or “can I see how this measure has changed over time?”

With this promising new capability, simply tell Copilot what you’re looking for – and if the answer isn’t already on your report, Copilot will then query your model for the data instead and return the answer to your question in the form of a visual.

To learn more, check out our separate blog post announcing the feature!

Screenshot of a sales report in Power BI with the Copilot pane expanded. THe pane shows that the order quantity is 494.

Head over to our docs to learn more about getting answers from your semantic model.

How to access Power BI preview features

To ensure you always have the latest Copilot features to test in Power BI, we are introducing a preview toggle in the Power BI Copilot chat pane. The preview toggle lets you try out new and improved capabilities early, giving you a head start in using the latest preview features.

Simply click on the preview toggle to get started. Once you see the toggle turn green you’ve activated all Copilot chat pane preview features and are welcomed into the preview experience.

Preview toggle Power BI Copilot

Head over to our docs learn more about the preview toggle.

We want your feedback

We value your feedback and strive to make Power BI Copilot the best it can be. To help us achieve this, we’re excited to introduce that you can now provide instant feedback on Copilot’s responses. Give us your feedback by selecting a thumbs up or thumbs down on the output from Copilot in the chat pane.

Your input is crucial in helping us understand what works well and what needs improvement, ensuring that Copilot continues to evolve and better serve your needs. We appreciate your contributions and look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Screenshot of the feedback mechanism in the Copilot pane that looks like a thumbs up and thumbs down.


Fabric Copilot for your organization

If you do not wish Fabric Copilot to be enabled in your tenant, you must disable the admin portal setting. You can find the admin portal setting in the Copilot and Azure OpenAI Service section of the tenant settings tab. Disable the Users can use a preview version of Copilot and other features powered by Azure OpenAI setting to turn off all Copilot features in Fabric.

Learn more about how to disable Copilot in Fabric.

The current setting will be updated with new language to reflect these updates in the coming weeks.