Houston Analytics Ltd - People Analytics Platform

Make the analysis of your workforce data easy. By integrating disparate data sets together on an automated basis and forming a synchronized data model, our clients can provide all necessary people analytics insights across their organizations using their preferred BI and Analytics solutions.

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Create a single source of truth for all your HR questions and use cases
Your people and process data reside across multiple sources and point systems – making it inefficient to manually extract, synchronize and maintain data quality for reporting and analytical purposes.

We put complex HR data into shape by combining different structured and unstructured data sources together and form a synchronized, insight-ready data model capturing relevant phenomena through the employee lifecycle.

Moreover, it allows the automation of routine and time-consuming tasks freeing up your time to focus on more value-added activities. It’s how you make smart easy.

We automate the core data transformation of your disparate source systems
Forget the limitations and complexities of your HCM system and enjoy the full capabilities of modern BI solutions that your organization is already familiar with.

With central people data warehouse in the cloud – you can flexibly connect your preferred BI and Analytics tool sets and work on all people analytics related needs across the organization.

Pre-built dashboards customized to your needs will provide you a head start to modern people analytics and you’re free to continue the exploration on your own.  

Increase your productivity by moving from ad-hoc analysis to automated analytical processes and integrate insights into operational systems and key business processes.

  • Gain freedom to choose your preferred BI and analytics tools
  • Pre-built dashboards will get you up to speed fast
  • Flexibility to develop and customize your own dashboards and analytical views for your unique needs and use cases
  • Automate standard reporting processes
  • Build state-of-the art forecasting and optimization processes to empower the insight-driven organization

  • Comes with insight-ready data models
  • Managed as-a-service
  • Privacy and data security: role-based access to employee data will ensure that different users will have access rights only to the relevant details and protect privacy of individuals
  • Enhance your data warehouse with our GDPR solution that lets you efficiently manage information requests to personal data

Show HR’s impact to business decisions
Stop relying on gut-feelings and assumptions – let the insights of your data to guide your decisions.

Easy access to relevant people data and KPI’s is provided to managers and business directors through the same BI systems they’re already using to explore their business KPI’s. Role based access can be used to limit access only the data points they have right to see.

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