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TIDK Sp. z o.o.

Business Intelligence & Big Data Analytics

We support each stage of modeling and implementation of the process. We have competences in designing the ETL processes, integrating data from various sources, creating data warehouses, applying Data Lake technology, creating reporting platforms and visualizing data with Power BI solution. We create Big Data Analytics solutions able to analyze a large amount of data to extract the knowledge supporting the business process. We also have experience with stream analytics and real-time analytics.

Data Science

TIDK supports not only gathering knowledge from data. We build mathematical models of processes and optimize them. We provide solutions for such problems like task scheduling, we work on mathematical simulations. TIDK has experience in gathering and processing data from IoT, production systems, MES (Manufacturing Execution System), or industrial automation. Thanks to that we can create solutions dedicated to certain business and production process.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

We provide various solutions using the elements of AI and Machine Learning algorithms. We address such problems like predictive maintenance, anomaly detection, quality loss prediction, etc. We create recommendation and prediction systems. We design solutions for analyzing text, sound, and image. We can provide systems which automate, optimize internal processes, and interact with the client.

Among the last 10 years, TIDK participated in many various projects both as main contractor, and subcontractor for big IT companies in Poland, often international ones.

Our experience covers such topics as:

·       Designing and implementation of databases

·       Designing of data warehouses

·       ETL mechanisms, orchestration and data management processes

·       Designing data models:

o   Power BI / PowerPivot

o   Analysis Services OLAP

o   Analysis Services Tabular

·       Reporting and visualization systems, including:

o   Reporting Services

o   Mobile reports

o   Power BI

o   Shiny

o   Customized visualization components for Power BI solution

·       Advanced analytics, including:

o   Prediction and forecasting

o   Anomaly detection

o   Classification and clustering

o   Business process optimization (e.g. stock optimizing, production planning)

o   Mathematical modeling for business processes

·       Data migration to the cloud

·       Stream data analytics (IoT)

·       Big Data and NoSQL solutions, batch processing

·       Support for databases/servers

·       Intelligent applications, e.g. BOTs

·       Artificial Intelligence (image, sound, text analysis)

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