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Wragby Business Solutions & Technologies Limited

To make the world a better place to live through technology, we empower our customers to fully optimize day-to-day operational tasks by providing best-in-class business and technology solutions which embrace innovation, reduce risk, and further control costs. Wragby designs, implements and manages IT systems to enable organizations to grow and flourish, providing services to manage our customers’ entire IT infrastructures from servers and desktops to applications, data, and networks.

Wragby partners with customers throughout the IT investment lifecycle from initial strategy development and technology assessment, to design, procurement and implementation. Wragby is obsessed with delivering outstanding customer service; in fact, we anchored our entire company vision on the delivery services that make our customers smile. Our talented team of people and our structured, intelligent business processes enable us to achieve this.

Wragby has demonstrated excellent technical competence in helping customers leverage their data to make quick and informed business decisions using Microsoft PowerBI for data extraction, transformation, analytics, and visualizations. We have also gone a step further to leverage analytics on Azure for multiple data sources and big data analytics.

Wragby Business Solutions & Technologies Limited has satisfied the requirements for demonstrating and validating its technical capabilities in Microsoft Products & Technologies, as listed below
• Gold Security 
• Silver Cloud Business Applications
• Gold Windows and Devices
• Gold Enterprise Mobility Management 
• Gold Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions 
• Gold Cloud Productivity 
• Gold Datacenter
• Gold Cloud Platform
• Gold Collaboration and Content 
• Gold Application Development 
• Gold Project and Portfolio Management 
• Gold Enterprise Resource Planning
• Gold Data Analytics 
• Gold Application Integration 
• Gold Messaging
• Silver DevOps 
• Silver Data Platform 

Advanced specializations: Validate technical capabilities to deliver specialized services in a specific solution area.
• Linux & OSS Database Migration on Microsoft Azure
• Analytics on Microsoft Azure 
• Windows Server and SQL Server Migration to Microsoft Azure
• Modernization of Web Applications to Microsoft Azure 
• Adoption and Change Management

Wragby is also an Azure Expert Managed Service Provider. This validates expertise in end-to-end cloud lifecycle management including assessing, migrating, building, deploying, optimizing, and efficiently managing business solutions on Microsoft Azure.

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