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Re: Up\Down arrows in KPI

hey @smoupre My target is a condition: If there's an increase the prcentage will be possitive e.g+4.3% then Green arrow else negative Red arrow.   is that possible to initiate this cond...

Re: Gateway referesh showing error, without error details

Hi Mahima, I got your email, we can follow up there.   Thanks, Dimah

Re: Gauge with FY to date total compared to last year Total FY

Xiaoxin So that was helpful in pointing me in right direction but I am still not quite there. So I get that I can't filter the visual in a way that will impact the max, min and target. So I was able...

Re: Power BI Median vs Excel Median

I've updated my Power BI to May 2017 and now I no longer can see the Median as being an option in the Analytics window; did they take it out with the latest release?

Charts from Different Results

I have a chart of data from Excel. In the columns there are different results, ie, Skipped, OK, Error. I would like to create a chart of how many are OK, how many are error, and how many are OK from ...

Re: Expand column where not all records are tables

Hi Mike, please have a look if this video helps you:       If not, pls come back and I will try differently. Thx!

Re: Change Fiscal Year on Date Dimenson

The way I usually do this is by first creating a Parameter in my model called 'FiscalOffset' (Type = 'Decimal Number', Suggested Values = 'Any value', Current Value = 'The value I need to calculate t...

New teirs

@MiguelMartinez I have left a couple of comments regarding the new teirs in the FAQ discussion. Unfortunately, they have not been given permission to be posted yet, nor have they been answered. As a...

Data refresh issue- VSTS REST API connected and got refreshed in PBI Desktop but not on PBI Service

Hi, I am working with VSTS REST API and pulling data from VSTS as web data source (using header basic authintication) in PBI desktop. It is workimg very nice and I am ble to refresh data.  &nbs...

Re: export to text

Hi @v-shex-msft ,   Thanks for the information, much appreciated. I think, this is 'good to have' feature, if it fits within milestone item.   Basically, I wanted to write som...

Re: Cannot display the visual in Power BI desktop

Hi  I did uninstall and updated to the latest version from the power BI website. but it is still not working this is the error am getting

How to schedule a refresh of the Power BI embedded report

Dear All,   Currently I am working on a power Bi report which I have embedded to Azure portal. Can someone please let me know how would I schedule the refresh of the dataset please?   K...

Cannot configure scheduled data refresh

When I try configuring automatic data refresh nothing seems to happen. After entering credentials and clicking Sign in - the window stucks thinking... I waited a few hours yesterday, and today it&nbs...

Re: General dissatisfaction and performance issues

Azure is not an option, too expensive after the first month. Not setting up the whole system only for a month. Will try something different.  Suspicions are sneaking into my mind though. ...

Re: Fieldvalueastext

Thank you! I appreciate all your efforts on this.   Regards, Szilárd  

Re: Query is not adapting to CSV file headers changes

@novirael   You get this error message because power query has already defined the column which needs to be changed type. The 'first_name' column should be removed in this scenario. Then err...

Re: Publish to web

nowhere, obviously, you must have the link to the web (public ink) to see the report published..

Re: organizing tabel

@Sara_Hornstein,   Based on your screenshot, it seems that you data is chaotically stored. You'd better to reshap your data model to let it looks like: ID EntityID KeyGroup Dat...

Re: representing the same customer in multiple groups

Hi yes, i guess what i am looking for is something like a Venn diagram where you can see the inter relationships between the different subsidiaries 

Re: Error: Failed to update data source credentials

In my dataset I have two data sources: Excel file from OneDrive (works) and Azure SQL database (gives the error).

Is Power BI Desktop Issue - Map Visualization ?

Dears,   With the Power BI Desktop with connection to SQL Server Analysis Services Database then Map Visualization function would encountered blank page even with latitute and longitude is def...

computer specification

Hi, it's really slow when I'm using PBI Desktop to run query and refresh data. I'm wondering is there any standard or minimum specification to have a smooth operation with PBI? My PBI file size is r...

Is Power BI Desktop compatible with O365?

Is Power BI Desktop compatible with O365?  I guessing the answer will be yes.  I'm after independent clarification to help stave off unnecessary testing by our project responsible for ...

Re: The Languages of Power BI

In Desktop, File | Options and settings | Options | Regional Settings