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Blue Margin

Blue Margin uses Microsoft's Azure Services and Power BI to help companies create “The Dashboard Effect”, which puts performance metrics at top-of-mind, driving strategy and productivity. 

Power BI connects to any data source (ERP, Google Analytics, Salesforce, QuickBooks, SQL, GP, Excel, etc.) and delivers real-time dashboards via computer, phone, or tablet.  The service costs a fraction of the competition but gets top billing from both Gartner and Forrester. 

We also help clients get control of their data with data warehousing on Azure.  Blue Margin is the largest Microsoft Gold Partner exclusively dedicated to business intelligence and data warehousing on Power BI and Azure SQL.  We help companies from 50 to 5,000+ employees in a variety of industries extract the full value of data using Microsoft’s cloud-based business intelligence tools. 

We do this in two ways: 
  1. Data Management: Blue Margin helps clients gather and control their data with data warehousing on Azure SQL and Azure HDInsight, creating a single source of truth that is secure, scalable, and easy to use. All your critical data (CRM, ERP, Sage, Excel, etc.), automatically organized in one central location. We provide Master Data Planning, Master Data Management, and Data Warehouse Development and Maintenance. 
  2. Data Analytics and Dashboards: We use Power BI, the most powerful, least expensive BI tool on the market for deploying automated dashboards, scorecards, and reports to your organization. Power BI integrates with the most advanced analytical and collaboration tools (R Server, Machine Learning, SharePoint, Microsoft Office, etc.) and connects to any data source, delivering real-time dashboards to any device.  We provide Dashboard Design, Deployment, Training, and Support. We'll get you up and running with better tools quickly, and we’ll help you be as independent with your data management as you want to be. 


What makes Blue Margin different?  Adoption. 

Our solutions get adopted by nearly 100% of users at client companies. While most technology solutions focus on features and functionality, our BlueCore™ Solution Model centers our entire development process around your business goals. The result is simple, easy-to-use tools that people attach to and that directly advance your goals. 

Also, we are exclusively dedicated to data management and data analytics on the Microsoft BI Stack. Clients hire us because we are not a managed service provider that does all things IT, but our experts specifically at helping companies capitalize on one of their most important assets, their data. Our Gold Competencies in Data Analytics and Data Platform attest to our commitment and focus. 

• Master Data Planning 
• Master Data Management 
• Data Warehousing 
• Database Architecture and Modeling 
• Dashboards Development, Training, and Support for Finance, Project Management, Operations, Sales, and Marketing 
• App Development for Data Collection Technology Expertise
• Power BI, PowerPivot, PowerQuery, DAX, M 
• Azure SQL, HDInsight, Data Factory, and Machine Learning 
• Dashboard Integration with SharePoint 
• R Server for Statistical Analysis   

We’ll Help You Get Started: For companies of 50 employees or more, we will get you started by building your first dashboard(s) with YOUR data, on OUR dime.

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