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Our strategy
We believe that ICT is the key to solving the new challenges faced by organisations. ICT can also be instrumental in enabling major societal transformations, such as more efficient government, affordable healthcare and a clean environment. For ICT to effectively play that role, people need to be able to rely on properly functioning, sustainable solutions. Only then can ICT help people successfully contend with a world that is changing at increasing speed and create long-term value. This is the goal that Ordina strives to realise each day.
Our working method is tailored to these contemporary challenges. The era dominated by huge IT departments and large-scale projects is over. There is a growing need for compact projects that can deliver concrete results quickly through short-cycle sprints, the flexible deployment of specialists and an agile approach. Ordina achieves these results through successful new business propositions.

Vision and mission
Humanising ICT
Technology is right at our fingertips nowadays. Devices and apps are becoming smarter, more personal and intuitive. Technological solutions anticipate our needs and incorporate our personal experience. Human needs and technology are increasingly converging. This ‘humanisation’ of ICT comes with high demands in terms of design and user-friendliness. It requires not only technological know-how, but also medical, psychological and sociological insights and new forms of leadership to generate value in the long term. Ordina anticipates these developments in the design of our training program and recruitment strategy.
We are aware that results are what matters. The user not only expects more functional possibilities, but also needs to trust that new solutions will do what they say they will. Ordina is committed to fulfilling these expectations, because we believe that ICT should simply work.

Innovating together with a long-term vision
Our aim is to join forces with our clients to develop innovations with a long-term vision. We invest significantly in understanding and gaining insight into our client’s business so that we can apply the latest know-how and technology within their context with the utmost care. We find that there is a close connection between the smooth functioning of an organisation’s primary processes and the flexibility of the IT environment. Thus, by definition, ICT projects have become comprehensive processes of change: successful implementation depends on the degree to which existing processes and employee roles and responsibilities are able to change as well. This requires an intensive form of collaboration, not only from the client’s side, but on the part of Ordina as a supplier. And above all, it takes a co-creation mindset geared towards jointly achieving the best results. A socially responsible approach is a key element.

It goes without saying that building lasting relationships with clients and employees is important to us. This is the only way to ensure that we can maintain the knowledge and technologies it takes to be truly meaningful to our clients and to realise long-term value creation. Ordina remains accessible to clients and has thorough knowledge of the local market and laws and regulations, which we also reinforce through partnerships. The lines of communication with specialists and management at Ordina are kept open.

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