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Re-imagine headers and navigation in the Power BI Mobile apps

As Power BI becomes a key tool for decision makers, more and more content is being created and published for them. Being able to easily find that content, to navigate between related items, and to share relevant content with colleagues has become critical to making these users productive when using Power BI and the Power BI Mobile apps. In the last few months the team has being working on improving navigation in the Power BI mobile apps to make it easier for our users to understand their content hierarchy and to navigate between items quickly. We’ve also made it easier to share relevant content with colleagues.

E-Mail Subscriptions for Paginated Reports is Now Available

E-mail subscriptions is one of the key features used by millions of SQL Server Reporting Services customers today. Our latest release for “New Feature Friday” is the support of Paginated Reports in e-mail subscriptions in Power BI. Now, for the first time, you can schedule an e-mail subscription with a PDF attachment of your full … Continue reading “E-Mail Subscriptions for Paginated Reports is Now Available”

Power BI Embedded session at Power Platform Summit Europe: What’s new in Power BI Embedded

Join the Power BI Embedded team at the Power Platform Summit Europe for a 2-hour session. During the session, we will cover the newest features and capabilities in Power BI Embedded such as: Control all visual menu actions programmatically – Options and Context Menus APIs has been extended to provide full control for each visual … Continue reading “Power BI Embedded session at Power Platform Summit Europe: What’s new in Power BI Embedded”

Oracle and Teradata data source support and hourly e-mail subscriptions for Paginated Reports now available

For the fifth week in a row, we’re pleased to announce two new features on “New Feature Friday” for Paginated Reports in Power BI.  We’ve added support for two new data sources, Oracle and Teradata, and also added the ability to schedule your e-mail subscriptions on an hourly basis. Oracle and Teradata Now Supported We … Continue reading “Oracle and Teradata data source support and hourly e-mail subscriptions for Paginated Reports now available”

Meet our Demo Contest Finalists: Devin Knight

Meet our third finalist Devin Knight and his great demo: Roller Coaster Vacation Profession Training Director Demo Description Need a break from work? What better way to plan your next vacation than with Power BI. What inspired…

Power View Makes it Easy to Build Bubble Charts, Maps, Dashboards and More

Over here on the Power View team, we’re pretty jazzed about the latest update to the Microsoft Power BI app for Windows 8.1 that just rolled out globally last night. Now, anyone can see how Power View makes it easy to build maps, dashboards, bubble…

Microsoft Adds Connectivity for SAP BusinessObjects to Power BI for Office 365

Last month, we released Power BI for Office 365, our cloud-based business intelligence service that gives people a powerful new way to work with data in the tools they use every day – Excel and Office 365. We continue to add capabilities to Power…

Analyzing your Microsoft Exchange Account Data with Power Query

One of the interesting additions to the Power Query Preview December update is the ability to import data from Microsoft Exchange. In this blog post, Miguel Llopis (a Program Manager in the Power Query team) will walk us through the capabilities exposed…

Setting up Azure Active Directory with Office 365

NOTE: Information listed here is good as of 2/6/2015 and is subject to change. You may be wondering why this is posted on the Power BI Support Blog. Azure Active Directory ties into Power BI when you want to use the Analysis Services Connector. The Analysis…

4 new updates in Power Query

Take Power Query to the next level: share your queries and create a corporate data catalog. Try Power BI for Free today! In this Post Another month is almost over and that means that a new Power Query update is due. We’re glad to announce…

What would be your question if you could ask the Power BI team anything?

That was the question that has been on our minds for some time, and the Power BI team was up to the challenge. Thus, we decided to set up a Reddit AMA session , which we held last Tuesday June 10th. The premise was simple: ask us anything. The Power…

Retail Location Analytics using Power BI

This blog post was authored by Shish Shridhar , Director of Business Development – Retail, Microsoft By combining demographic data like Median Income, Education Levels, Median Age and customer purchasing data such as preferences, past purchases, and…

Power BI Developer community January update

Hi everyone, after a short break for the holidays we are back with the latest updates for Power BI Developer community. Don’t forget to check out the November blog post, if you haven’t done so…

Announcing the Reddit Solution Template

Today, we are excited to announce a new suite of Power BI solution templates for brand management and targeting on Reddit through a third-party API relationship with SocialGist. These templates complement existing brand-oriented solution templates…

On-premises data gateway January update is now available

We are excited to announce that we have just released the January update for the On-premises data gateway. Here are some of the things that we would like to highlight with this month’s release:…

Power BI service October and November feature summary

The past couple of months have been a whirlwind for the Power BI team! Our engineering team has continued to work hard to release many features that many of you have been anticipating. Here’s a quick…

Power BI expands access to intelligence for external guest users

Power BI was first introduced with a simple commitment: Empower people and organizations with access to critical intelligence. The recent general availability of Power BI Premium in June broadened…

On-premises data gateway November update is now available

We are excited to announce that we have just released the November update for the On-premises data gateway.

Power BI Desktop November Feature Summary

This month conditional formatting gets a major update with the ability to control the color based on rules. If you have a slow data source, we now have report options that help limit the number of queries that are sent to the source. Finally, we are also adding several formatting features, including cell alignment for table and matrix, and precise control over the order of overlapping charts on your report.

Webinar Wednesday: Data Storytelling

Important stories about complex industries such as oil & gas can be difficult to tell. Thankfully, they often are also very rich in data – data which can be used to interactively illustrate the story for readers, making it more engaging and meaningful. Come hear how data visualization and industries expert Dallas Salazar, collaborating with Power BI MVP Greg Deckler, recently used data and Power BI to draw readers into a complicated story and leave them wanting more. Join us on Wednesday, May 31 at 10 a.m. PT to learn more.

New data source and gateway management experience

new data source and gateway management experience in Power BI

February 2020 Community Highlights

Find out what happened in the Power BI Community in February.