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Choose a launch item for your Power BI mobile app

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In this week’s release of Power BI Mobile apps, we are happy to introduce the Launch Item.

This feature allows you to configure an item to display whenever you launch your mobile app instead of the home page. This is useful if you have specific content that you always go to when you open your app, and you want to save time by being taken directly to that content rather than having to navigate to it every time.

Organizations can also configure launch item for their users using MDM tools (such as Intune and other tools that support AppConfig). This is especially useful for frontline workers that need access to a single Power BI item that has all the data they need and do not want to waste time browsing and navigating their entire content to find it. It also reduces new employees’ training time as the app just lands on the content they need without asking them to look for it first.

What can be configured as a Launch item?

A launch item can be a report, a specific report page, a dashboard, a scorecard, an organizational app, or even a specific item within an organizational app.

How to configure a Launch item?

To configure a launch item for yourself, follow these steps:

  1. Open the desired item (app, report, dashboard, scorecard).
  2. Navigate to the desired report and page.
  3. Use the “…” menu in the header and tap on the “Set as launch item.”

Mobile device administrators can configure launch item for their users using an MDM tool that supports AppConfig file. All that is required (in addition to an MDM tool) is the item’s URI or link:

  • You can use an item (report, report page, dashboard, scorecard) universal link copied from your browser address bar.
  • You can also use a report shareable link (using the “Share” button). In that case, the user will get access to the report automatically.
  • When you configure an organizational app as a launch item, the app will be automatically installed, if the receiving user has permission to it.

Please visit this page to learn how to use MDM AppConfig to remotely configure Power BI mobile apps, including launch items.

Setting up a launch item does not mean you lose any features of the mobile app. All your Power BI content, as well as all the app’s navigation features and pages, including the home page, are all still fully accessible. You can also easily change or remove your launch item anytime from the app’s settings.

We hope this new feature will enhance your experience with the Power BI mobile app and help you access your most important content more quickly and easily.

Next steps

Get the latest Power BI Mobile app version from the Apple app store or Google Play and explore this exciting new feature today! And don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below. We can’t wait to hear from you!