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Super Bowl Search Trends with Power BI

Headshot of article author The Power BI Team

One of our Power BI rockstars, Shish Shridhar (blog and YouTube channel), created some great data visualizations for search terms around the Super Bowl.

Shish used different tools such as the Bing Ads Intelligence add-in to compare search trends for the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos based on volume, location and age bucket for searches.

Here are some snapshots of his Power View visualizations



Some of the insights Shish found in his analysis include:

  • The male/female ratio on the searches for both teams are pretty close but the Seahawks have a higher male ratio at 64% vs the Broncos at 57%.
  • The biggest age group for the Seahawks is 35-49 whereas the Broncos are pretty close across 35-49 & 50-64. The Broncos do have a bigger base under 25.
  • The map shows some obvious distributions of searches for both Seahawks and Broncos
  • The animation of the search shows a larger volume of search for Seahawks with a massive jump happening after January 19 2014.



You can read Shish’s full blog which includes How To information and his actual Excel file if you want to play with it here.