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Webinars for July 17-23: Using Power BI for Team Foundation Server Dashboards and Power BI Mobile: Answering Your Business Questions

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Next week brings you two exciting webinars! As per the tradition, the first webinar is from a noted industry expert, while the second one is from the Power BI development team. Let's take a look at them both:

Using Power BI to provide Team Foundation Server Dashboards by Simon Sabin

There is no point doing anything unless you know you’ve done it properly, so reporting on your DevOps process is critical to the feedback element of a DevOps practice. TFS has had some reporting capabilities but they're a little tired. For testing, the built in reports and charting capabilities in MTM and TFS will leave you asking for more.

Fortunately, Simon Sabin will show how you can utilize Power BI along with some simple SQL to provide a great dashboard experience. In this session Simon Sabin will connect Power BI to your TFS server using Direct Query to be able to provide near realtime reports. He will also show how to add some simple SQL to provide additional capabilities without having to delve into the TFS warehouse sync process.

At the end of the session you will understand the nuances of the having a testing data model that works well with PowerBI and be able to visualize your test plan status down to test point, with all the drill down and drill through capabilities of PowerBI

When: July 19, 2016 at 10 a.m. PT
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Simon runs a Data Consultancy enabling companies to make the most of the data they have. He has worked with data for all his career and worked with companies across all industry sectors including online retail, insurance, finance, motor sport. Education of people is at the heart of what Simon and his company stand for. it is epitomized by SQLBits, which Simon founded in 2007. Its the largest SQL Server conference outside of Europe and many view as the best in the world, always maintaining a free element and ensuring education for everyone. Simon is also a SQL Microsoft Certified Master, has been Microsoft MVP since 2005 and was mad a Microsoft Regional Director in 2016.


Power BI Mobile – Answering Your Business Questions by Romi Koifman

At Power BI, we hold the philosophy that our mobile customers are looking for answers—real-time answers—for their most burning business questions. Power BI Mobile's set of applications (available on ALL major mobile platforms) follows this philosophy and, among other things, offers advanced features, including real-time presentation of your data, offline support, push notifications, smart use of your mobile phone sensors, and much more. Join us and learn about leveraging the Power BI Mobile application to make data-driven decisions on the go and staying informed with your most updated data.

When: July 21, 2016 at 10 a.m. PT
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Romi Koifman is a Program Manager in the Microsoft Business Intelligence team. Romi joined Microsoft in 2013 and has been part of the BI team from its early days. Romi started as a young, 18 years old developer, and over the years she evolved as a development team leader, system analyst, and product architect. At her current role with the Power BI Mobile team she drives customer initiatives to generate success stories, and collects feedback to integrate into Power BI. In addition to her role as a PM, she is engaging with the Power BI community through Power BI blogs and other channels.