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Tata Consultancy Services Limited - Banking Analytics Solution

TCS Banking Analytics Solution provides advanced Customer, Sales, and Marketing & Social Analytics for deep insights into customer behavior & needs, improved lead conversion, and enhanced customer retention.

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Banking Analytics

Banks across the globe are witnessing a growing need for effective customer lifecycle management. With increased customer churn amid growing competition, from both banks and non-bank financial institution, delivering an efficient and superior customer experience across different channels (such as branches, web portals, mobile devices, and social media) has become vital. Banks also realize the need to make their lead conversion processes more cost effective while offering tailored products to customers. To achieve these objectives, many banks are looking to leverage analytics into customer behavior across various stages of the customer’s lifecycle in order to achieve more targeted cross-selling and up-selling.


Getting insights into customer behavior and interactions across multitude of channels such as bank branches, portals, mobile websites/apps and social media and product platforms is imperative for banks. These insights can help bankers, in improved cross-sell/up-sell of products, brand value, operational efficiency and reduced marketing efforts. These capabilities are key enables for driving increased revenue and profitability by increasing the wallet share and length of relationship for profitable customers. Getting these insights from different product centric and channel centric legacy systems poses a big modern day challenge for the banking sector. TCS Banking Analytics Solution leverages Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence 2014, SharePoint 2013 and Power BI to provide advanced Customer, Sales, and Marketing & Social Analytics for deep insights into customer behavior & needs, improved lead conversion, and enhanced customer retention. Our solution provides differentiated customer insights, predictive churn analysis, visualizations to monitor lead conversion, revenue trend analysis, branch, customer & product profitability along with social analytics & mobility enablement. Solution comes in two variants: On-premise and On-cloud to provide analytics & reporting based on SharePoint and on Power BI respectively.

Key Solution Features

- Sales Performance Analytics

- Customer and Product Profitability Analytics

- Customer Churn Analytics

- Marketing and Campaign Analytics

- Multi-dimensional customer segmentation across Demographics, Portfolio Value and Behavior

- Predictive Models for Customer Churn and Product Propensity

- Customer Life Time Value

- Social Media Analytics

- Pre-defined dimensional data model, Analytical Templates for analysis

- Pre-defined Dashboards, and Reports

- Ability to extend the solution by customizing the dimensional data model, Analytical Templates, Dashboards and reports

- Scalability, Security and Performance

- Capability to do Quick Development including capability for Self-Service analysis and visualization

- Capability to Easily Manage and Deploy the solution

Key Solution Benefits

- Reduced Customer Churn

- Improved Customer Profitability

- Improved Lead Conversion Ratio

- Improved Cross-sell and Up-sell

- Increased Customer Wallet share

- Ability to respond Customer Lifecycle Events

- Improved Campaign Effectiveness

- Ability to perform social analytics

- Increased Customer Life-time Value

- Increased Customer Satisfaction

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