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At Kapacity, we have many years of experience helping companies convert their data into insights for senior management and/or individual employees. Our approach to building your Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, Performance Management, or Advanced Analytics solution is based on collaboration and consultation regarding your needs, understanding how projects are tailored to the individual organization, sound craftsmanship, and a best-practice approach that, as a customer, you can take over and develop further. Business Analytics is not a project; it is a journey with continuous development, and we have the expertise to work with you all along the way. 

Kapacity has worked with Microsoft Power BI since the product was first launched in 2015. Since then, we have been responsible for numerous implementations, and Power BI is now a part of almost all of the solutions we provide to our customers. Moreover, Kapacity offers various courses in Microsoft Power BI. Whether you are completely new to Power BI, or you are already experienced with some of the more advanced features, we have courses that can make you even better at Power BI, and thus optimize your use of the tool.

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