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Pomerol Partners Ltd

Pomerol is a Gold Data Analytics and Data Platform Microsoft Partner and has the experience of delivering solutions throughout the entire Microsoft data stack including Power Platform (Power BI, Power Apps and Power Automate), Azure SQL DB, Azure Data Factory and Azure Machine Learning.

Pomerol delivers increased revenue, decreased costs and competitive advantage for you, through leveraging data. We partner with executives, managers, and analysts across all business verticals to use data wisely. We deliver value that helps you grow and change with better data-driven decisions and solutions that empower you.

Pomerol provides business intelligence, data analytics and data engineering consulting for medium to large companies – ranging from tier 1 investment banks to city municipalities across the US, Europe and Africa. Our track record and partnerships with leading BI and Analytics software companies has put Pomerol at the forefront of the data analytics landscape. We operate globally and across all industries including financial, pharmaceutical, aviation, manufacturing, retail and telecoms.

Our experience of delivering solutions with a range of BI tools such as Qlik, Tableau and Data3sixty Analyze enable us to migrate solutions using these tools into the Microsoft data analytics stack. We also excel at delivering analytics and reporting solutions for SAP, we have delivered multiple enterprise level projects and have in-depth table level knowledge of the SAP architecture.

Power BI case study – Pharmaceutical Sales Analysis

Pomerol has helped clients within the pharmaceutical industry to provide automated reporting solutions that replaced their more traditional static reports. With an intimate knowledge of Power BI and the pharmaceutical industry, Pomerol have delivered a market-leading platform to visualise and enhance in market sales. This enables Sales Reps to quickly analyse their global sales performance and allows them to make the right decisions in terms of profitability, future sales forecast and problematic regions.


When Pomerol began to engage with the client, our consultants realised that there were 3 business problems that their financial department kept on running into with their monthly global sales report. Firstly, there was a lack of insight into the global sales of certain products. Secondly, there was a lack of confidence in data quality by key decision-makers. Lastly, without automated analytics and static visualisations their monthly reporting was a long frustrating process.



Power BI was used to ingest data from third-party software that the client used to collect their global in-market sales data. This data was then transformed and cleansed using Power Query M. This cleansed data was then used to build an interactive Global Sales performance report which enabled the finance and sales department to quickly analyse their regional data, drill down when needed and then make the right decisions in terms of profitability, future sales forecast and problematic regions. These insights empowered the Sales Reps and Region Managers to take necessary actions in terms of product sales. 


Pomerol were able to replace the clients’ previous reporting system with a dynamic Power BI report that allowed them to slice and filter the data in an ad-hoc manner. This has enabled users to investigate their in-market sales data on their own terms, empowering them to engage with the data from a perspective that is relevant to them. As a result, users can answer questions for themselves without the need to wait for a monthly / weekly report while the business ensures that each user is looking at a single version of the truth. The application was also able to help the client produce a qualitative impact around their in-market sales insights which have ultimately generated better marketing decisions to amplify their revenue throughout different countries, regions and seasons. Through this process Pomerol has greatly reduced the reporting cycle for the client and empowered the Sales Reps to use near live data to drive their sales profitability.

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