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Announcing: Now you can use item links to configure Power BI Tabs in Microsoft Teams

Headshot of article author Lukasz Pawlowski

We’re excited to announce more updates to the Power BI Tabs in Microsoft Teams. These updates help you create tabs faster, allowing you to use links to configure tabs, and helps open a default page and set default filters for the items you share through tabs.

Note: These experiences are starting to roll out and should be available in the next two weeks for commercial cloud customers. 

When you add a Power BI Tab in Teams, you’ll see the new simplified tab UI. Just press Save to add the tab.

Screenshot showing the new configuration experience in Microsoft Teams.

When the tab loads, you’re greeted with a new landing page where you can paste a link. You can browse workspaces to select content, too. If you’re new to Power BI, you can even click through to create a report.

Screenshot showing the new full screen configuration page for Power BI Tabs in Microsoft Teams. It allows users to paste a link or browser workspaces to pick content.


You can paste links to interactive and paginated reports, scorecards, and organizational apps.

Many kinds of links are supported, these include:

  1. Simple links like those from the browser address bar
  2. Sharing links from the Share Dialog
  3. Sharing links with permission (like “everyone in my organization”)
  4. Sharing links with “include my changes” (shared views)
  5. Links to specific items in an Organizational App


Links open new possibilities for collaboration

The same report is often used by multiple teams, channels, and in many meetings. This is especially important for Power BI organizational apps, where many reports are shared together, and teams really only care about specific slices of the data.

Now with link support, you can ensure the right default content opens for users the moment they open the Power BI tab. By using links that include my changes, your report will filter and slice the data to meet the needs of your team or meeting.

Animated GIF showing that links in Power BI tab can open specific content within an organizational app.



Simplifying permissions and request access for embedded content

Often users join and leave Teams, channels, and meetings. It can be hard to ensure everyone has access.

By configuring your tab using sharing links with “Everyone in my organization” configured, you can save yourself time. Eligible users will automatically get access to the report.

When you first configure the tab, you’ll be reminded to setup permissions through a banner when viewing the item. For organizational apps, you’ll need to work with the owner to setup permissions.


We’re excited to share these updates and to learn how you use it. Head over to to share your thoughts on how we can improve these experiences.