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Announcing AI Premium Workload, Cognitive Services and Azure ML general availability

Today, we’re announcing general availability (GA) for cognitive services, Azure ML and the AI workload in Power BI Premium. The AI workload will now be enabled by default for all P-nodes, as well as nodes A3/EM3 and above, allowing the users of those capacities to use cognitive services in dataflows right away. A new workload setting is added to separately enable Automated ML, which remains in public preview.

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Easy access to AI in Power BI (Preview)

With sophisticated models and scalable compute, Artificial Intelligence becomes a realistic tool for data analysts. Power BI helps you get insights from your data. Now, with access to a set of models from Azure Cognitive Services and your custom models in Azure ML, you can easily enrich those insights with AI. Cognitive services in Power BI gives you access … Continue reading “Easy access to AI in Power BI (Preview)”

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Seven Steps for Using Data and Power BI to be Productive in Telling a Data Story

The Microsoft Office team recently partnered with Levo, a network for millennials in the workplace to help navigate their career paths, to poll 1,500 community members to find out more about their productivity habits and challenges. The Office team was looking for an engaging way to share Levo’s findings with the media – one approach they took was to use Microsoft Power BI to produce an interactive and compelling report from the data. This report is an example using data visualization to enhance storytelling efforts by leveraging the Power BI publish to web capability on blogs, websites and news articles. Power BI has also proved to be a great tool for telling stories in broadcast media – one example is the recent election coverage from KING 5 News. As I dug through the data, I got to thinking about my own productivity habits and how I work with data to tell a story.

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