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Bulk Assign Licenses in Office 365

NOTE: Information good as of 7/21/2015 and is subject to change! With the upcoming Power BI General Availability , you may be in a situation, with your Tenants, to assign a license to a bunch of licenses to your users. This may be for the Free or Pro…

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Domain Placement w/ Office 365

NOTE: This information good as of 7/7/2015 and is subject to change You can have multiple domains tied to your Office 365 Tenant. Also, you may have a domain that you own that isn’t a part of your tenant. When you sign up for something that makes uses…

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Oops error when refreshing a dataset

Within Power BI, you have the option of either setting up a Scheduled Data Refresh, or doing a Refresh Now. Refresh Now is considered on demand. When performing a refresh, you may encounter one of the following errors. Both of these messages do indicate…

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