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Power BI Ideas site improvement updates

Headshot of article author Jeroen ter Heerdt

In the July blog post about the Ideas site, we published our plan to improve the Ideas website. Today we would like to share some of the progress as well as a roadmap for Ideas.

Features shipped


Search improvements

Many of you shared feedback to improve search, Ideas website is now powered by Microsoft Dataverse search and results are now based on relevancy,  you should also see search performance improvements.

Search for related ideas during new idea creation

This feature will display related ideas while creating a new idea, this will help to find existing ideas and upvote and avoid creating a duplicate or similar idea.
"Suggest a new idea" screen highlighting the new functionality of seeing similar ideas.

Enable personal MSA accounts

One of the requests was to enable personal accounts on the Ideas website. We have now enabled personal Microsoft accounts in addition to “Work or School” account to log into Power BI Ideas site.

You can now sign in with either a work or personal account to

Upcoming features

Currently, if your idea is merged into another idea, you don’t see it either in the ideas list or in the “My Ideas” section. With an upcoming update, you will see your merged ideas in the “My Ideas” section.

Also, we are working on enabling Idea authors to edit their ideas before the idea is upvoted or commented on by other users


Thank you so much for the feedback, let us know how well the recent updates are working for you. If you have any other ideas or feedback to share, please leave comments below.