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PowerHouse Digital Services

Founded by Jerelle Gainey, a self professed data geek, frequent tech speaker, author and former CTO of a full-service advertising agency. PowerHouse is a data consulting firm dedicated to empowering enterprises, teams and individuals with the transformative power of data. PowerHouse leverages expertise in data management, data integration, digital analytics, data visualization and marketing technology to augment our client’s staff, fulfill short and long-term resource needs, provide strategic direction and empower your team to harness the power of your data. We’re available for short term engagements (1 day) to long term engagements (months), onsite or remote and we’ll be ready to start when you are. We are a new type of company focused on increasing the velocity of our clients’ ability to maximize the value of their data, increase revenue, reduce cost and truly embrace digital transformation and data-driven culture.

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