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If you can implement Power BI yourself, why would you need Wipfli? For many organizations, implementing Power BI means dedicating a resource to experiment with the tool and build dashboards for the executive team so they can turn data into decisions. 

But eventually, they start to realize they didn’t get as much value as they thought they would out of Power BI. There isn’t as much adoption as they expected, resources are still performing manual data collection, and the tool seems to only help improve performance in a part of the organization.

By working with Wipfli, you can:

  • Integrate Power BI with your other technology tools so it collects the data you need it to and provides a full picture of your organization.
  • Free up resources currently focused on manual data collection so they can start analyzing data.
  • Train your team members to read data in a way that enables them to transform it into insights and action.
  • Achieve a higher adoption rate.
  • Take static reports and better visualize the data.
  • Build template dashboards to get you up and running quickly as well as provide a foundation for future dashboards you may require.
  • Leverage Wipfli's industry expertise and dashboard templates for manufacturing, nonprofit, construction and healthcare to deploy your first dashboards quickly and cost-effectively.

Power BI requires a strong foundation and the ability to prepare your data so you can build on top of it. Where Wipfli adds value is in using an industry approach to help you create a scalable data model that applies to your entire organization. 

Building the right foundation for success

Wipfli is a top 20 accounting and consulting firm in the U.S. with 46 offices across the country that services an extensive range of industries, with deep experience in Microsoft Power BI and related technologies. Our knowledge can help you identify and track industry KPIs, outside trends and what’s important to see so that you can achieve your business objectives. 

We help you combine data from your disparate systems, drill down into the descriptive analytics and ultimately help your team make the decisions that drive to your goals. This unique approach not only helps you start getting value from your BI investment quickly but also allows you to gain the skills needed to continue building value going forward. 

Wipfli’s methods are all about enablement. We don’t just help you prepare your data and build dashboards. We also provide data literacy training that closes the gap between your analysts and your business leaders. In the end, users across your organization can read data without bias, use it to align with business needs and see what they need to see in their world.

Getting the most out of your Power BI investment

As a long-term and award-winning Microsoft partner, Wipfli helps our clients implement solutions across the Microsoft product suite. From Dynamics 365 to GP to Business Central, we know how to integrate Power BI with these systems so that it’s working at its top level, providing you with the greatest value. 

In 2019, Wipfli was also chosen as Microsoft’s MSUS Partner Award – Partner for Social Impact winner, from a field of over 100,000 companies. The award recognizes our excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology, specifically our digital transformation work with Team Rubicon (visit to learn more).

You can leverage a local or nationwide Wipfli team for your Power BI implementation and future support who understand not only your industry but also the communities where you live and work. Our goal is to create lasting, positive impact for you and your organization. 

Contact us to get started or learn more about how we can help your organization fully leverage Power BI.

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