Post da: dicembre 2014

Failed to register the gateway key

We have seen a few cases some in where we get an error like the following Failed to register the gateway key. Before trying to register the gateway key again, confirm that the Data Management Gateway is in a connected state and the Data management Gateway...

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Power BI Designer Preview

NOTE: This is preview material and is subject to change. Information listed here is good as of 12/19/2014. The Power BI Designer is a new companion application for Power BI. It is a standalone Windows Desktop application that can be downloaded from the...

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Data Sources via Power BI

NOTE: Information in this post is valid as of 12/18/2014 and is subject to change in the future. Data Sources within Power BI are used to define an on-premise data source within the Admin Center. Data Sources rely on a defined Gateway . You can have multiple...

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