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5/29 Webinar: Building Spectacular Power BI Dashboards with Zebra BI visuals

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During Matt Allington’s webinar: Time intelligence for retail and wholesale industries with Power BI the request was made to have a webinar on the best practices for visualizing business data particularly Time On Time like YOY changes.   Next week we have Andreje from Zebra BI to come show how many of the internal teams at Microsoft are doing this with Zebra BI visuals.

Building Spectacular Power BI Dashboards with Zebra BI visuals

We will present advanced data visualization methods for building insightful Power BI dashboards. This lecture will demonstrate how to implement popular datavis techniques like the small multiples and the IBCS® semantic notation by using the Zebra BI custom visuals. We’ll also take on the challenge of presenting the P&L statements in Power BI.

In our presentation, we will build a real-life sales and financial dashboard from the scratch and reveal practical tips&tricks for designing advanced, mobile ready and fully responsive dashboards.

When: May 29th 2018 10AM PST



Andrej Lapajne

About the Presenter: Andrej Lapajne

Andrej Lapajne is the founder of Zebra BI and a founding member of the IBCS Association. In his 20 years of experience as a consultant, Andrej has implemented reporting systems and BI dashboards across a wide range of industries including pharma, telco, retail, FMCG, manufacturing, insurance, banking, energy, media, public sector and the high tech industry. His experience includes helping Coca-Cola bottlers, Swarovski, Bayer, Roche, Danfoss and many other international companies achieve consistent and efficient reporting. 

In the last 5 years, Andrej has led the Zebra BI team in developing fully IBCS-compliant custom visuals for Power BI as well as the popular Zebra BI Excel Add-In. 

As a speaker, Andrej has lectured at McKinsey&Co. in NYC, the AFP Annual Conference in Denver, several IBCS annual conferences and at many other international conferences and events. He is a guest lecturer at Faculties of Economics and Computer Science and Informatics in Ljubljana.