Thank You for 5 Years!

Join us to thank the Power BI Community for 5 Years of contributions and helping others. Get a sneak peek of the event, and to find out more on our blog.

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Power BI Desktop July 2020 Feature Summary

We have great updates this month! These updates include several enhancements to Q&A, gradient legend support, ability to further customize slicer header text, the general availability release for both relative time filter and model view enabled for live connect, the ability to launch external tools from Power BI Desktop, and more! Check out the full blog to learn more about all the updates and enhancements.

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Join us! Thursday July 9, 2020 at 11:00 AM – 12:00 noon PDT with Reza Rad!

Building a data model in Power BI is the most important task you should do properly in your Power BI solution. This session is about the most common design pattern models of Power BI; Building the Star Schema with fact table and dimension tables, understand the relationships, building common models such as Budget vs. Actual with fact tables with different granularity, or Inventory model with a snapshot fact table. This session is about real-world design patterns of Power BI.

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