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Announcing a new admin API to get insights into tenant setting overrides at capacity level.

Headshot of article author Radhakrishnan Srinivasan


In May 2023, Microsoft introduced Fabric, an all-in-one analytics solution for enterprises that covers everything from data movement to data science, Real-Time Analytics, and business intelligence. Microsoft Fabric brings together new and existing components from Power BI, Azure Synapse, and Azure Data Factory into a single integrated environment. These new experiences are managed by a tenant setting that is automatically delegated to capacities. As capacity administrators gained the ability to turn them on or off according to the business needs, tenant admins requested for visibility into overrides made at the capacity level.

Today, we are pleased to announce a solution that addresses this concern faced by tenant administrators. Say hello to the “GetCapacityTenantSettingOverrides” API, that helps Fabric tenant admins to gain insight into capacity level overrides. This API can be used to query any tenant setting that may become delegable to the capacity level in the future.


Increased visibility and Security: Tenant admins can use the API to get a complete view of all capacities where the Fabric tenant setting has been overridden.

Improved troubleshooting: Tenant admins can use the API to troubleshoot any issues related to the Fabric tenant setting. For example, if a tenant admin gets an incident reporting that the users are unable to create Fabric for a specific capacity, they can use the API to determine whether the tenant setting has been overridden for that capacity.

How It Works?

To call the API, users need to have administrator rights (such as ) or authenticate using a service principle with Tenant.Read.All or Tenant.ReadWrite.All scope.

The API endpoint is:

The API response is a JSON object that contains a list of tenant-setting overrides, for each capacity identifiable using the capacity ID. Each tenant setting override will provide information such setting name, title, value, description, security group configuration. This API supports pagination. It returns 1000 records in a page and when the response exceeds 10000 records, the response will have a continuation that could be used for subsequent calls until all records are fetched. Here is a sample response:

Where can I learn more about the new API?

You can find more details about the new API in the official documentation:


We value your feedback and are committed to providing solutions that directly address the challenges faced by our users.

The “GetCapacityTenantSettingOverrides” API is a response to the concerns raised by tenant administrators. It offers transparency and insight that administrators need to govern Fabric. As we make more tenant-level settings delegable to domains and workspaces, we will enhance this API to get insights into domain and workspace level overrides.

As Fabric continues to evolve, our focus remains on empowering you with tools and insights that simplify your journey through the ever-changing landscape of data analytics. Please continue to send us feedback for what  new capabilities you’d like to see in the future.