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Announcing automated statuses and improved filtering for Power BI Goals

Headshot of article author Carly Newsome

Automated Status Rules

One of the important attributes of a goal defined within Power BI scorecards is its status.  Scorecard authors are now able to automate status updates based on rules that govern that goal or subgoal.  By entering the edit experience and navigating to the status rules tab of the settings pane, users will be able to precisely set when goals are on track or falling behind.  Scorecard authors will be able to set up rules that automate statuses based on the value, percentage of target met, date conditions, or a combination of the three, making the rules as versatile as possible.  For example, if I want my revenue goal of $6M to be labeled as “at risk” if it’s not at least $3M by a specific date, I can simply set that up in the status rules with just a few clicks.  You can add multiple conditions to any rule to ensure your unique business needs are met with status rules. Once those rules are set, you can assign the priority by simply dragging them into place.

By creating status rules specific to your organization’s needs, you’re able to ensure your goals’ statuses are continually up to date, streamlining the goals experience to make it as easy as possible to hit you key metrics.


Improved filtering

We now offer some much improved filtering capabilities on goals.  Now, users can easily view all the goals labeled as a particular status by clicking on the summary cards at the top of the scorecard, making it easier than ever to see at a glance what’s at risk and what’s on track.  We have also included a keyword search, making it easy to search for specific goals and see how they’re doing at a glance, without losing context of the parent/child relationships.  For example, if I use the keyword search to search my scorecard for one of my product skus “premium,” I am able to see all the goals with that keyword, as well as the parent/child relationships they live in.  I can then use the summary cards on the scorecard to filter on the keyword search itself.


The feature is being rolled out and may not be available immediately in some regions, but should be soon.  For more information about Goals, visit our documentation.